Tree Pruning:
We offer pruning services for all sizes of trees and put a strong emphasis on structural training to allow trees to reach their full natural potential.

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Tree Planting:
Our service includes the pick-up and installation, care instructions, structural inspection and pruning as well as a post-planting checkup.
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Tree Removal:
Our skilled team is well equipped for removal and pruning of large scale trees in tight spaces by using rope access and rigging techniques.

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We provide consultation services for homeowners seeking the DIY route as well as tree pest id(entification) and a natural approach to plant health care.

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Stump grinding:
Our stump removal services include hauling away the mound of woodchip by-product and we have equipment suited to work in difficult access areas.

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Fertilisation and plant health care
A healthy tree has higher chances of survival and resisting pest attacks than a stressed tree does. We offer an integrated pest management approach.
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