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Tree Pruning:
We offer pruning services for all sizes of trees and put a strong emphasis on structural training to allow trees to reach their full natural potential.

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Tree Planting:
Our service includes the pick-up and installation, care instructions, structural inspection and pruning as well as a post-planting checkup.
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Tree Removal:
Our skilled team is well equipped for removal and pruning of large scale trees in tight spaces by using rope access and rigging techniques.

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We provide consultation services for homeowners seeking the DIY route as well as tree pest id(entification) and a natural approach to plant health care.

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Stump grinding:
Our stump removal services include hauling away the mound of woodchip by-product and we have equipment suited to work in difficult access areas.

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Fertilisation and plant health care
A healthy tree has higher chances of survival and resisting pest attacks than a stressed tree does. We offer an integrated pest management approach.
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Tree frog Tree Care is committed to providing our customers with dependable, quality service from the initial phone call to the site clean up.

We specialize in tree care and provide education to our customers for the best long-term results. We understand the value and the complex requirements of your trees in order for you to enjoy them to their full splendour.

Tree Frog Tree Care is fully insured for property damage and is covered with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. Education, quality of service and reliability is our focus. As a member of the Better Business Bureau, we are an ethical and professional tree care company serving Calgary and area since 2002.

We invest in professional training for our staff and strive to be industry leaders by applying the most current techniques and utilizing professional equipment.

What method of payment do you take?

Cheques are the preferred method of payment. We do not take credit cards.

Does my quote include the removal of the debris and branches?

A thorough clean up is included in all of our estimates.

Do you spray pesticides for insect control?

We provide consultation and diagnosis services. We will refer you to the right people if pesticide use is required.

Is GST included in my free quote?

GST is not included.

How can I prepare my yard for a tree worker crew?

You can best prepare your yard by moving any objects such as furniture and garden ornaments from the vicinity of the tree that is to be worked on. Please ensure that access is clear if work is to be performed in the back yard. We greatly appreciate a yard that is free of animal feces as this contaminates our clothes and equipment. If the work involves digging for tree planting or stump removal remember to click or call before you dig 48 hrs in advance 1-800-242-3447 (

If you plan to be home when work is in progress, please feel free to make a list of questions or concerns you may have and our arborists will be happy to assist in any way they can.

Call us at 403-474-FROG (3764)

Payments can be sent to:
Box 71116 Silver Springs RPO
Calgary, Alberta, T3B 5K2

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Please use the appointment scheduling system available on the web site to make an appointment for tree service, or use the contact form to offer your comments. Please be sure to check out the Alberta service page as well if you want to contact your arborist or our office staff directly. If you’d rather give us a call, our office number is 403-474-3764

Tree Frog Tree Care is proud to be a division of Bartlett Tree Experts, and our staff now has the backing of an international tree-care company and tree research laboratory to help continue providing excellent tree service and shrub care in Alberta.
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